IPL 2014 Opening Ceremony | Deepika Padukone’s Dance Performance



I’ve made a Deepika meme for myself/us so we always have to do something. Feel Free to use!

  • kissing scenes 
  • 3 fighting scenes
  • 6 red carpet appearances
  • 5 ad’s
  • badass character
  • heartbreaking scenes
  • 2 interviews
  • 6 appearances
  • favorite co-stars
  • shootings
  • 'I love you' scenes
  • 3 movie entrances
  • 4 relationships (on + off-screen)
  • 3 favorite dances
  • favoritescenes
  • favorite movie
shanzamh asked "why did ranbir leave deepika?"

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deepika padukone from vogue eyewear - part 1


deepika padukone from vogue eyewear - part 1
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[Unedited - open in a new tab] Deepika Padukone for VOGUE Eyewear